Refining materials and experimenting with new ones are her passion.

Multimedia artist Shelby Bonomo’s work is deeply rooted in the natural world. Nature is her inspiration and focus. Refining materials and experimenting with new ones are her passion. Often focusing on elements of abstraction and realism, Shelby is constantly innovating and capturing subjects in a new way. Works in collage, paintings on canvas, exquisitely detailed graphite and charcoal drawings on paper delight the viewer. Recently, Shelby has been exploring 3-dimensional works. Her studies in blacksmithing, welding and metal working have contributed to her profound interest in creating metal sculptures. Shelby works with wood, copper, and other materials which have been cut, carved, sewn and/or welded together. She also creates assemblages constructed of found materials.

Not only displayed in numerous gallery exhibitions throughout Connecticut, Shelby’s art has been selected for exhibitions in many juried art shows.

Now, with her new website up and running, many more viewers will be able to explore Shelby’s art. I look forward to seeing her newest creations and I encourage everyone to take a closer look!

– Laura McIntyre, Docent

Wadsworth Atheneum Museum of Art


I Can Only Imagine The Time, Energy, And Concentration Spent On Most.

Shelby’s work is timeless. I think that any piece of original artwork on the wall is transcendent. Her artwork speaks to me in so many different ways. I connect with their subject matter. Her pencil drawings have so much depth and explain to me where she is coming from, but also from where I am coming from. I never tire of her images, some more than others. I can only imagine the time, energy, and concentration spent on most. I am very happy with what her work represents as an overall collaborative. She speaks to me with black, white, and color images, even metal sometimes. I am glad I have one or two pieces of hers to share; in my life and with others.

–Matthew Crouch